14 tattoos that turned a birthmark into a work of art

Apparently we all have birth marks, but they're often tiny or on a hard-to-see part of our body.  Larger or prominent birthmarks, however, can make some people feel really self-conscious.  But rather than relying on make-up, these guys decided to get tattoos that would not necessarily cover their birthmark, but rather transform it into something else!

Here are 14 awesome tattoos that turned a birthmark into a genius work of art!

1. Mr. Potato Head to the rescue

2. When a pink birthmark becomes a rose

3. One for Packman fans!

4. You'd never guess this eagle covers a birthmark

5. One happy Cookie Monster!

6. We love this wooly mammoth idea!

7. Turning a large mole into a beautiful owl

8. The shape of the turtle perfectly lends itself to the shape of the birthmark

9. A violent image, but a clever concept nonetheless!

10. One for music-lovers

11. Marilyn Monroe leaves her mark

12. Awesome idea! 

13. When a birthmark becomes a mariner's map

14. Simple and effective!