14 seemingly ordinary photos that have a touching story to tell

Sometimes the most mundane photos actually hide a secret or have a story to tell... And if that story's a happy one even better! Once we understand the tale behind these snaps, our whole perception of the photo changes  to leave us with a lasting impression!

We look at the photo in an entirely new light and to give you taster, here's a selection of photos that deeply moved us once we understood the full story behind the image!

1. This American nurse discovered that a doctor she works with was a premature baby she cared for 28 years before.

© abdilatifysh / Reddit  

2. “My Grandpa turned 100 last week. He stayed up until midnight to see off the last century on his flip phone.”

© carryme-ohio / Reddit  

3. When these storks arrived in Bulgaria one spring, the country suddenly suffered a cold spell and they started dying. Safet Halid took the birds into his home and fed them until the weather warmed up!

© Safet Halid / Facebook   © Safet Halid / Facebook  

4. This doctor made a special medication schedule for a patient who can’t read.

© vampirobrasileiro / Reddit  

5. When a kind-hearted passer-by sees that you've left your sunroof open just as a thunderstorm breaks out!

© umichsylvia / Reddit  

6. A 19 year-old girl was awarded a prize for being Russia's best welder!

© worldskills.ru  

7. “Ellie Mae helps my anxiety by placing her throat over my ear so I can hear her breathing. It calms me like nothing else and means fewer meds!”

© ingressLeeMajors / Reddit  

8. An old lady sent this package with an incomprehensible address, but mail workers managed to find the recipient via Facebook.

© Cust Service Centre / Reddit  

9. This 26 year-old autistic man beat the odds and managed to get his driver's permit!

© tinameana / Reddit  

10. Artist Valeriy Ermakov loves Greek mythology, but he had never been abroad. When internet users found out about this, they collected enough money for him to travel to Greece!

© Bogdan Logvynenko / Facebook  

11. “My son’s friend almost died from lung cancer but fought it. He has no fat on his body at all. Today is his first workout.”

© gofundme.com  

12. Rather than cut this tree down, they built the building around it!

© MrZadrote / Imgur  

13. On September 4 in Khakassia, it was so cold residents started to build snowmen

© AlexandrShepard / Pikabu  

14. A firefighter gives mouth to mouth to a dog that was caught in fire

© Santa Monica Fire Department / Facebook