14 puzzling photos that made us do a double take

Sometimes it's not worth asking why people do certain things... They may want to make us laugh, are seeking attention or are just generally a bit crazy when it comes to going about their daily lifes, often with hilarious results!

At the same time, we often wonder what is really going on in their heads or marvel at their alternative way of looking at the world!

If you need proof of how puzzling people can be, then check out this selection of photos - they certainly made us do a double take!

1. Oh where to begin... Is it alive?  Why the witches hat? 

© subwaycreatures / instagram  

2. When a sculptor hangs out a towel to dry?

© GraceOfCthulu / reddit  

3. Volkswagen proves that they like to hide certain things!

© reddit/ fancy-ketchup  

4. Design genius... A plastic cup with a lid that you can use as a saucer!

© imgur/ unknown user  

5. Alternative use for cigarette packets

© smunozmo / reddit  

6. When roleplay meets gaming!

© quadrophenicum / reddit  

7. We love the 'Alien' design, but aren't quite sure what it's supposed to do...

© fine_shrine / reddit  

8. Retro technology

© thepopulargirl / reddit  

9. We prefer the version on the left...

© Kidarcus / reddit 

10. We wonder how well these scissors sold...

© rs559 / reddit  

11. A walking, talking ad!

© Hypire / reddit  

12. Work out while you unblock the toilet!

© LithiumTT / reddit  

13. Designed for penguins?

© HCStrategist / reddit  

14. Who would have believed it?

© emosarentrealpeople / reddit