14 photos showing people who didn’t get enough sleep

We spend more than a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is something that restores us, which is beneficial and vital for the human body. Unfortunately, more and more people suffer from not enough sleep.

There are many reasons why. It could be psychological. Maybe work being done by your neighbors prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. You might have a pet or a baby that doesn’t let you rest as much as you should. You might be like the people below...

1. She can’t even stay awake until after she gets home and eats dinner.

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2. Apparently this book works. Where can we get a copy?

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3. There are men who get woken up by their wives on Sunday mornings, and then there’s this poor guy...

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4. Working out apparently went well!

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5. He has the right technique.

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6. The different phases of falling asleep all in one picture: from drowsiness to deep sleep.

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7. Another book that does it job!

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8. When the urge to sleep is too strong and impossible to resist…

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9. Dogs sometimes have the same problems as humans.

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10. Friends can be useful when you’re exhausted.

11. The life of a cat is awesome!

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12. She must have trouble staying awake!

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13. Worn out after a walk…

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14. This happens very often in the evenings in front of the TV

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