14 people who pretended to be rich!

When it comes to money, there are two types of people: those who show off all their money on social networks and those who imitate them while trying to be funny! Which type are you? If you’re one of those who blatantly mock rich people who show off their wads of cash, you’ll laugh at these pictures! 

1. An expert in cuisine

2. The latest iPhone

3. A car made of gold

4. They drink through a straw!

5. As rich as in Monopoly!

6. A coated delicacy on a bed of tomatoes

7. The American lifestyle to the max

8. A gold bar?

9. A diamond on the finger

10. Unlimited supply of water

11. Living on a boat

12. With her panther and Lamborghini

13. Too many coins...

14. An awesome pool table