14 people who must have wished they'd stayed in bed that day

We've all had days that have got off to a really bad start or moments when nothing seems to go our way.  And we've all thought to ourselves that we would have been better off staying bed rather than having to deal with really annoying mishaps!

Here are 14 people who immortalized their bad day, and boy, do they get our sympathy!  So what about you?  Ever had an 'I wish I'd never got up that day' moment that you'd like to share with us?

1. When a garbage truck 'springs a leak'

2. Trust this to happen on a Sunday when no locksmith can come to the rescue

3. When your kitchen fitter messes up, but you only notice on the weekend

4. Oops, someone got splashed...

5. When you don't properly close a can of paint and then put it in your lovely clean car

6. When a delivery truck destroys your brand new car

7. When you forget you've put a pizza in the oven

8. When someone who doesn't speak English needs a rest

9. When a snack distributor has a complete meltdown


10. When the pepper pot lid falls off...

11. When you're sure your car can fit between two buses

12. "Please don't fart..."

13. When you don't realize how cold it actually is outside

14. Uh oh...