14 people who had a stroke of good luck

There's nothing better than when Lady Luck decides to pay us a call! In our stressful world, we need to make the most of every lucky moment and every positive twist of fate can make our day!

Some people seem to be luckier than others... They may not do anything to create their good fortune, but happen to be in the right place at the right time, as the following selection of lucky souls goes to prove!

1. A teenage dream come true!

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2. When you see a giant pizza for the first time!

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3. A very close call!

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4. When your bar of chocolate is extra crispy!

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5. Now that's what we call a stroke of good luck!

6. Two for the price of one!

7. Disaster avoided!

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8. Double double-yolkers!

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9. "So my friend rode an ostrich in Africa..., might be the happiest a person can be."

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10. A green pepper inside a red pepper

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11. Maybe there are also 2 treats inside?

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12. When your kitty realizes you've bought some catnip!

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13. A free extra dose!

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14. Dinner saved!

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