14 people who got inked, but ended up with dubious results

Tattoos have been growing in popularity for a while now, but whether the artist behind the image is up to scratch or not can lead to some disastrous results.  Add to that a client who has a very specific request or insists on an image that may not work well once it's been inked onto their skin...

Here's a selection of astonishing tattoos, but not necessarily for the right reason! In other words, sometimes it's hard to know what's going on in peoples' heads...

1. Clever, but not sure we'd like to see this every day!

© bad__tattoo / instagram  

2. Does that mean 'Sun Walkers' are also on their way?

© bcn_dbl_chz_brgr / reddit  

3. When you love socks!

© lovegoldengirls / reddit  

4. When a terrible tattoo artist tries to replicate a seriously good work of art

© samusxmetroid / reddit  

5. When you love the candy as much as the rapper

© unknown author / imgur  

6. When only LV will do

© omg_Enrico_Palazzo / reddit  

7. John Lennon? Harry Potter? Any ideas?

© ShitTats / twitter  

8. Eyes at the back of your head...

© shhphoenix / reddit  

9. Brits have a great sense of humor!

© worst_of_tattoos / instagram  

10. How to deal with a scar

© Floppycatman / pikabu  

11. Another scar-covering design

© reeld / pikabu  

12. Where's a pen when you need one?

© Fuzzywraith / reddit 

13. Navigate you way through life

© OtherJaffa / reddit  

14. Please someone, tell him this is NOT going to look good!

© Inondo / pikabu