14 people who found solutions to everyday problems

There’s no such thing as failure. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! We learn from our mistakes. This way of thinking allows you to keep being creative without feeling like a constant failure.

You don’t have to be a genius to be inventive or creative. Sometimes, a simple invention, as mundane as it may seem, can save the day and drastically simplify your daily life.

Here’s proof of people using their imaginations to make a bad situation better.

1. A better way to feed the puppies!

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2. A watermelon with a seed holder…

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3. Using shoes to prevent a catastrophe!

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4. How to improve the zoom function on your phone!

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5. The trick to getting something from the bottom floor!

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6. An easier way to transport them!

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7. How to make an ugly situation a little nicer!

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8. Extending the shower curtain…

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9. Using a Lego man to hold your cables in place…

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10. A better way to clean!

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11. A little more sanitary…

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12. One way to get the wrinkles out!

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13. Keeping your eyes on the road!

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14. It’s too much work to go all the way down the stairs!

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