14 little-known aspects of everyday life

Modern life is so hectic that we often don't take the time to observe the world around us. Fortunately, some people are great at rooting out the trivia that surrounds us, often with hilarious results! Here are 14 little-known aspects of everday life that people have snapped and shared across social networks.

1. Did they really need to peel them?

© OlivierDeCarglass / reddit  

It's a bit of a waste, but it's true that peeling oranges can be a very messy affair, so we may forgive them for this!

2. We are so doing this from now on...

© Daibellaaa / twitter  

3. A pretty effect, but worth the risk?

© OlgaGal / pikabu  

4. In case you didn't know

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5. We did wonder

© Isai76 / reddit  

Doesn't look too comfy...

6. The coolest grandma in the world!

© Unknown / reddit  


7. A dream home?

© safkhankhattak / reddit  

Have they never heard of a tape measure?

8. Clever guy!

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9. Hilarious!

© LordRafhn / reddit  

10. Now we know!

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11. When one dog becomes two

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12. Useful, but don't even think about it if you're a guy!

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13. This girl's going to go far in the world!

© lizclimo / instagram  

14. An honest candy maker

© Jonathan Lin   © melhope17 / twitter