14 life situations that only women will understand

Some men think that being a woman is easy... What they don't understand is that our lives are riddled with pressure and pain.  We're expected to always look good, even if we're feeling like pants and don't get us started on what we go through when we have our period, give birth or have to spend ten hours a day walking around in killer heels - because yes, they do kill us!

Here are 14 situations that prove life as a woman is not a walk in the park...

1. We can't wear bras if we want to sport a sexy top 

2. We're expected to preen ourselves before leaving the house

3. We'll spend a small fortune on a pair of heels only for a heel to get stuck in a grate

4. We have to DIY our underwear to suit our different outfits

5. Windy days can wreak absolute havoc with our hair

6. The art of removing our bras without having to strip off

7. When you suddenly get your period and don't have a tampon or sanitary towel to hand

8. When you dig out your cell phone before your nail polish has fully dried

9. The pain we go through just to look good

10. We spend hours testing make-up only to leave the store empty handed

11. When you sacrifice comfort in order to wear sexy shoes

12. We can never find something to wear

13. Ever tried removing an elasthane sports top?

14. That painful moment when your bra wire rebels