14 kind souls who make the world a better place

A lot of people do good deeds without expecting anything in return. Rather than showing off, they quietly make the world a better place.

These unlikely heroes deserve all our praise, and thanks to social networks, their kindness has been caught in action and shared across the globe. So, in honor of all the living angels out there, here's a selection of 14 kind souls who took the time to help others out.

1. Making sure stray dogs in Istanbul have cozy blankets at night

© Politico_juan/reddit  

2. Showing a young man how to do up his tie

© TheBannedOne2/imgur  

3. Repairing a seat on her way to work

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4. His veterinarian took the time to break these capsules in half, so his dog would have the right dose

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5. Helping a stranger do his homework

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6. He not only saved the bird, but also the entire nest!

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7. A healthy way to occupy kids while you shop

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8. A kind waitress cuts up food for an elderly man who has trouble using a knife and fork

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9. This surgeon was on a flight were a child had a sudden asthma attack - here's the ventilator he made!

© dickfromaccounting/reddit  

10. An open-air library

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11. When a fellow passenger manages to soothe your crying child

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12. They saved a dolphin that had accidentally beached

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13. He made a little home for 4 stray cats

© LaTatiana/pikabu  

14. This homeless man saved a puppy - and then adopted it!

© Kathleen Dallmann/facebook