14 jokes to play to make married life more fun

Some people claim that married life is monotonous. That all depends on how you live it. Routine is the most dangerous thing for a couple, so you should get creative to constantly keep the flame in your partner’s heart lit. With that in mind, it seems that jokes are a great way to make your partner laugh and prove your love to him or her...

Here are 15 really great jokes to play on your other half, to break the monotony.

1. Weight is a very serious thing for women, so help her not take it so seriously!

2. Send holiday greeting cards!

3. While he’s playing video games, offer him a cup of tea and come back with this!

4. Humor lightens the most serious moments, like this guy taking a selfie with his wife while she’s giving birth!

5. Does your wife complain that you’re not paying enough attention to her? Give her this little piece of jewelry!

6. When she asks you to do the dishes...

7. Did you forget her birthday? Make up for it by celebrating the first time she farted in front of you.

8. Does she keep asking you for a watchdog? Here’s an alternative!

9. Since morning, this guy had warned his wife that he had a surprise for her when she got home from work. She paced back and forth all day, imagining a lot of different scenarios... But clearly not this one!

10. Do you work until late at night? Show her that you’re thinking about her!

11. Change the way you store things

12. When you’re watching a movie and your wife asks you to go out and mow the lawn...

13. This man accepted the fact that his wife wanted a “bite” of his ice cream...

14. ...And he got revenge by asking if he could try the muffins she had just made!

What about you? Do you play tricks on your partner too? Share them with us!