14 incredible sights that were snapped at exactly the right moment

Life is full of surprises and we're often told to go with the flow when something unexpected arrives!

Sometimes they're cool, sometimes they're worrying. But whatever the case, rather than get freaked out, relax, take things in your stride and, if you're quick enough, whip out your smartphone and immortalize what could be an incredible sight! Just like the ones below...

1. When butter leaves a forest on your knife

© HrabiaMol / reddit  

2. Infinite spaghetti

© aisforeffort / reddit  

3. He dropped his camera just as he clicked on the shutter

© FutureTheFuture / reddit  

4. Just a pigeon on its way to work

© Doxep / reddit  

5. When this appears on your dashboard

© BaconPoweredPirate / reddit  

6. A sea of geese

© brandonmowery / reddit  

7. When a reflection turns into Saturn

© SomeKid__ / reddit  

8. When water and flames combine

© Delscottio1 / reddit 

9. You don't want to mess with this guy

© Tucko29 / reddit  

10. Now that's what we call a belly flop!

© azgrunt / reddit  

11. When your dinner springs to life...

© Dakkonfire / reddit  

12. Ever seen a contortionist frog?

© boi_thats_my_yeet / reddit 

13. When traces of the wooden support are visible

© printedvolcano / reddit

14. A tidal wave of clouds!

© JF_112 / reddit