14 funny decisions made by people when faced with trouble

Knowing how to get out of a complicated situation isn’t all there is to it – it’s also a skill to know how to do it elegantly. It’s an art to know how to solve a problem in a way that is both good and, if possible, beautiful.

However, solutions can come from almost anywhere, including from places where you’d least expect them. In this case, let's say that it’s the results that count, just like in sports. Check out the photos below, which show people finding some very specific solutions...

1. For all this trouble, you might as well use your fingers…

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2. Who thinks that phones go against creativity?

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3. It may not be elegant, but it’s very effective at keeping your sneakers white!

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4. “I was 17 at the time.” LOL

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5. For those with little patience...

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6. A plastic bag is just the right size…

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7. How to make a makeshift trashcan:

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8. A solution for when you go on vacation…

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9. Mirrors aren't just for seeing behind you...

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10. When nature provides you with the means to create an artificial fridge!

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11. Clearly, this is what happened to his hair!

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12. How did you crack your phone screen? Well, the answer is in the background!

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13. A true fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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14. When you have one missing in your collection...

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