14 dads who went that extra mile for their beloved daughter

Everyone knows that the relationship between father and daughter is particularly close. Even if men may say they prefer to have boys, it's apparent that they love their little princesses just as much. They'll put away their macho side and will often bend over backwards to be the best dad they can for their little one.

Here are 14 snaps of dads who went that extra mile for their beloved daughter... If one things for sure, these daughters are the apple of their eye! What about you?  Do you have any daughters? Are you just as gaga as these guys? Even if you're not a dad to a daughter, we're pretty sure you know someone who is completely under his daughter's spell! 

1. This dad distributed candy to all of his fellow passengers so that his daughter could go "Trick or Treating" during a Halloween flight!

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2. This little girl loves fairies and always dreamed of having a fairy bedroom. Her dad came up with this awesome idea...

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3. Every month, this dad takes the time to spend a whole day alone with his daughter. He gives her flowers, helps her choose what to wear and then takes her out for a treat.

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4. This globe-trotting dad loves going camping with his daughter.

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5. This dad promised his daughter that he would take her to school every day until she graduated. He kept his word!

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6. For his daughter's birthday, this dad takes an hour off work to buy flowers and deliver them to her at school

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7. A loving dad will always be able to accompany his daughter wherever she goes

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8. Halloween is always a good time for dads and daughters to terrorize the neighborhood

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9. This dad took his daughter to the prom when her date let her down at the last minute

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10. This dad carried his daughter on his shoulders for her first day at school and then did the same on her last day!

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11. If you want to know what "Dad of the Year" looks like... Well, here he is!

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12. This little girl wet herself in class. Her classmates teased her and the school forewarned her dad. He decided to pour water on his pants, so that she wouldn't feel ashamed when he collected her from school!

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13. This girl's dad was stuck at work on her prom night. So, she put on her prom dress the next day, so they could have a dad and daughter photo!

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14. The father of this little Ninja Warrior fan built her a course in the garden!

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So, what do you girls think? Do you agree that your bond with your dad is a special one?