14 clever life hacks designed to make our days go more smoothly

Some days we have so many chores to do that we don't get a minute to ourselves, which is why we all love a good life hack! From lifestyle gurus to people with DIY skills, the internet is awash with life hacks designed to make our days run more smoothly and you'll have to admit that these creative geniuses have come up with some awesome ideas.

So if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do, then check out this selection of life hacks and see how many of them you can incorporate into your day!

1. Use a staple remover to open a key ring

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2. A clever way to use two cup holders

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3. No candles?  Raid your kids' crayons!

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4. Use toilet roll packaging as a trash can liner

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5. When a heatwave hits, turn your shirt into a cooler!

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6. To get rid of old stains, apply a hydrogen peroxide solution and then iron the patch

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7. Moving home?  Wrap hanging clothes in trash bags for an easy-to-carry solution!

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8. How to warm up donuts without using an oven

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9. "I put my iPad inside a cooler so I could work IN the pool! The cooler kept the glare off the screen and I put an ice pack in there to keep it cool."

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10. Heat shrink tubing kept this cable alive for 2 years!

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11. A simple hook so you can hang your bananas

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12. How to avoid gaps in your curtains

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13. If you're allowed a one-sided cheat sheet, use different colored inks 

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14. 1 leather cleaner + 1 drill = 1 clean sofa!

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