14 clever and creative bus ads spotted around the world

We may not pay much attention to bus ads, but they’re still an effective marketing tool! And if an ad is funny or unusual, then it’ll be only a matter of time before someone takes a photo to share on social networks. Competition between companies is stiff, so marketing teams across the world are constantly trying to produce the most eye-catching images and funny slogans, as this selection proves!

Here are 14 clever and creative ads that were spotted on buses around the world!

1. Don't jump... Wise advice from a recruitment agency!

2. We love this 'accordian' bus!

3. Because Duracell are the best batteries?

4. Because kids love playing with toy buses!

5. An absolutely awesome idea!

6. Love is all around us...

7. Fixed, but also flexible 

8. Wow! We love this optical illusion

9. Visit this zoo before the animals come to visit you!

10. An airport shuttle bus that's about to take off!

11. "Smile, you're on camera!"

12. This bus is perfectly suited to this ad!

13. Because Weight Watchers does work!

14. A clever 'quit smoking' ad!