14 astonishing car repairs and upgrades

Mechanics is a serious business... It's a skilled job and even if some people are convinced they know their motor as well as the back of their hand, our advice is to steer well clear!

Doing a repair job ourself can often worsen an existing problem. But some people refuse to listen - for them it's a cheaper option that may be fun too.

Just like the DIY "mechanics" below...

1. Not a repair job, but maybe "basil" helps this DIY mechanic keep their cool?

2. One way to recycle plastic packaging

3. How long before these snap?

4. The price of not paying attention on a bumpy road

5. Call a pro... Now!

6. Ash attack

7. Ever seen a tire this worn?

8. When a straw comes to the rescue

9. Usually it's the steering wheel

10. Then again, sometimes even the pros get it wrong

11. When a surgeon repairs his car

12. Fixing a hole...

13. A cow bell!

14. Sidewalk protectors?