13 ways to deal with life's little problems

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Your answer gives some indication of your approach to life. It may be a generalization, but people can be divided into two categories - those who only have problems and those who find solutions.

Some people are so optimistic, that they seem to easily overcome every hurdle in life. They find logical or even inventive ways to deal with life's problems - or at least the little ones! Here's a selection that may be worth a try!

1. Can't find your smartphone stand? Just use a cat!

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2. Genius way to encourage people to bin their butt!

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3. Indoor game, played outdoors

4. When your elderly mom has problems using the remote

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5. When the restroom lock didn't work

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6. Alternative use for a Magneto toy

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7. A reflective jacket that you can test by taking a photo with the flash on

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8. Can't find a coin for the cart? Use your key!

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9. Excellent way to sort waste

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10. How many of Johnny Depp's movies can you spot?

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11. When your kids decided to make the Christmas tree 'star'

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12. Turn the faucet upside down to make water flow further away

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13.  Because he wanted his own mini-balcony

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