13 truly exasperating situations caught on camera

Life is full of glitches. How we deal with them is another matter... They can make us shake with rage, or, in some cases, laugh our heads off!

Provided, of course, that our lastest mishap is not dangerous or life-threatening. All in all, it's best if we try to see the funny side of things. So, if you're feeling down on your luck, try to look on the bright side, just like the people below!

1. Take a deep breath... And accept that some people just don't care!

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2. Try before you buy?

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3. What a waste of packaging

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4. It happens to us all!

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5. Switch positions when all the lights are off

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6. There's always one toilet paper roll that does this

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7. The perils of using a grater

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8. Just so long as the inner wires stay connected

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9. So hungry they didn't have time to neatly open the packaging

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10. Imagine having to deal with this once a week

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11. Torn jeans, the latest trend

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12. If you have long hair, you'll relate to this

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13. Either way, they'll need to wash their hands!

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