13 touching photos that prove how good life can be

It can be a depressing world out there and when we watch the news we're bombarded with stories about wars, terrorism, massacres, economic crises... So much so that we tend to forget about the good things in life.

So in our quest to chase away everyone's blues, here are 13 heartwarming photos to show you how good life can be and restore your faith in humanity!

1. After a 7-month mission in Iraq, soldier Terri Gurrola was finally reunited with her little girl

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2. A photo that brought tears to our eyes... Help finally arrives and a missionary holds the hand of a starving Ugandan child

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3. There's nothing better than a date night!

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4. A train that stops at a station to take one girl to school

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The train that runs from St Petersburgh - Murmansk recently added a new stop at Poyakonda. Only two people use this station - 14 year-old Karina and her grandma. Poyakonda is in the south of Mourmansk and during winter only 50 people live in the town.  Karina is the only student, but problems arose when the rail company reduced the number of trains to a single nighttime service. Karina's mum managed to persuade the rail company to reinstate a service so that her daughter could get to and from her school!. 

5. Cuteness overload... When a young boy offers his 'Valentine' a romantic gift

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6. A cozy hat!

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This lady took her dog into a store and a customer immediately fell for 'Bentley' - so much so that she knitted him this cute hat!

7. This young man has just discovered he's cancer-free!

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8. Love at first sight

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This dog was the only one that wasn't adopted during an open door event.  The moment he saw this guy he ran towards him and jumped on his lap. They've since become inseparable!

9. Valentine's Day isn't just for the young!

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10. A man helping his disabled wife eat her ice cream

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11. One happy cat!

Philemon is a stray cat that took refuge in a St Petersburg museum. The staff quickly realized he was domesticated and shared Philemon's story on the museum's website.  Word spread and before they knew it locals began to donate food with one person giving him this warm winter coat!

12. In 1987 this was the best present you could give a kid!

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13. A cat in Vietnam who helps his mistress run her daily market stall!

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