13 times millionaires decided to show off

In a world teeming with millionaires and billionaires, the sky's the limit! And some rich people just love showing off their wealth. While some are discreet, others are Instagram addicts who flaunt their extravagant lifestyles and the only thing that counts is having the latest gadget, car, yacht... or even pampered pets!

Here are 13 photos of what the wealthy do with their money - proof of just how disconnected they are from the real world! Feel free to add your own or tell us what you think!

1. Who cares if you ruin the inside of your luxury car?

2. A private pool inside a private pool

3. More money than sense

4. Because only gold will do

5. Why use cards when you can use iPads?

6. A car for every day of the week

7. When you find money rather than leaves in your pool

8. How to tell people that you're a self-made millionaire

9. A dog that has its own house and private pool

10. A mousepad that's an iPad

11. One pampered cat

12. When your cradle is a Ferrari! 

13. Would you?