13 situations where something has gone really wrong

We all have experiences that we hope will never be repeated. We may do our best to avoid a tricky situation to no avail. Whether we end up laughing or crying, it makes us aware that some things are totally out of our control. And then there are others who love playing pranks, even if we don't always get their sense of humor!

So, if you're feeling down on your luck or confused about life, rest assured you're not alone - just check out the following and let us know if these ring any bells with you!

1. When you're allocated the worst seat

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2. It's 5am, you rock up at your hotel, put the wrong card in the door and then find the concierge service is closed for the night

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3. Not a mishap - unless he really thinks this can take a selfie

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4. When you finally find your cat

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5. Was moving the bike too much to expect?

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6. Never trust what it says on the label

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7. Seriously bad marketing

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8. When your wife gets home and sees this

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9. Bye bye beautiful home... 

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10. The attack of the bees

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11. Trying to be incognito

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12. Just a rat showing off its latest hair style

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13. Welcome to NcDonalds

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