13 remarkable celebrity facts

Celebrities intruigue us. Fans worship them and spend hours following their social network pages or scouring gossip magazines in order to get the latest scoop! But there's often more to celebrities than their red carpet personas or jet set lifestyles...

Here are 13 remarkable celebrity facts that even some hardened fans won't know! We guarantee you won't see them in the same light again!

1. Christopher Walken was once a lion tamer

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Most celebrities had 'normal' jobs before they hit the big time. Christopher Walken once worked as a lion tamer in a circus! He started as a seasonal worker and ended up loving this job! He also worked as a dancer in nightclubs and even briefly appeared in a Madonna video!

2. Denzel Washington's finger

As a child Denzel Washington broke his finger when playing basketball. Sadly his parents didn't have enough money to pay for proper treatment... Which left him with a crooked finger! Every now and then, it'll 'slip' and stick out at a right angle!

3. Is Katy Perry in love with Scarlett Johansson?

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Most of us have heard Katy Perry's hit "I Kissed a Girl" released in 2008. The singer confessed to having seen a magazine cover featuring Scarlett Johansson and found her jaw-droppingly beautiful. She particularly loved her smile, which inspired her to write a song for the actress!

4. Christopher Lee, a raucous musician

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Saruman AKA Christopher Lee loved to play music. But you'll never guess his favorite genre! Lee was a heavy metal fan!!! He was a member of Manowar and recorded his first metal album at the grand old age of 88! The album even received a reward from Metal Hammer magazine.

5. Kate Middleton and Prince William

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We love royal weddings! For Kate and Will's wedding the UK ground to a halt and people all over the world tuned in to watch this real-life fairy tale. In fact, so many people watched the wedding that it broke all records. Apparently 2 billion people settled down to watch them make their vows!

6. Oprah "Orpah" Winfrey

You may find this hard to believe, but the real name of this American television icon is Orpah Gail Winfrey! She's named after a biblical character. Orpah, however, is better known as Oprah thanks to a typo!

7. Benedict Cumberbatch was kidnapped!

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During a trip to South Africa in 2005, the actor and two of his friends were kidnapped by 6 armed criminals. The kidnappers approached their car, caught and tied up the three men before taking them to a getaway car. Thankfully, they threw them out onto roadside shortly after and they were rescued by a passing stranger. As the actor recalls: "I looked into this black man's face, and I cried with gratitude." 

8. Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr !

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Robert Downey Jr. is a well-known heart-throb. This Iron Man has a global following, especially in China! On one birthday, the actor received an awesome birthday card ... It had been signed by no less than 5,339 people!

9. Dwayne Johnson's world record

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Could it be a strong man record? Nope! It was at the premiere of his movie San Andreas in London that The Rock set an impressive record. He took 105 selfies in three minutes! The previous record was 75 and... He was already the holder! His record achieved an entry into The Guinness World Records, because all the photos were of very good quality and met all 'selfie' prerequisites! The actor is open about his love of selfies!

10. Shakira and Facebook, a true love story

Moving on from the king of selfies, meet the queen of Facebook! The Colombian singer has entered the Guinness World Records after notching up 100 million fans on Facebook! She's famous for her performances, but fans also love her sincerity and the family life that she shares with her soccer-playing husband!

11. The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts turned down Gary Oldman's application

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He may now be one of the UK's most famous actors, but Gary Oldman was once turned down by the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Teachers at the college advised him to follow another career path as he'd never make it as an actor! As the saying goes, "he who laughs last..."

12. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon - more than just friends?

Everyone knows these two Hollywood stars are buddies They've been friends since junior high! But did you know that they are also related? They have a common ancestor - a certain William Knowlton, a settler who came to America in the 17th Century.

13. Brad Pitt is censored in Malaysia

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Malaysia banned an advertising campaign by Toyota that features Brad Pitt. And the reason may surprise you... Some say it's because Brad Pitt's too good looking and this could give some Malaysian men a complex. But it's actually because people felt that the actor didn't represent Malaysian people, who wouldn't be able to identify with this blond, blue-eyed hunk.