13 pictures of things we never expect to see

Do you know how much we don’t know about the world? Probably not, because we always think we’ve seen the most important and beautiful things that exist. And you may be satisfied with this. And then you come across the pictures below and see something new and marvelous each time you blink.

You haven’t seen everything in this world. And you’ll probably never see everything. But these shots might make you want to buy a plane ticket and discover other unexplored corners of the globe. But actually, sometimes you just have to look out the window. You could never imagine all the strange things out there...

1. This bird seems to have lots of legs…

© arthik / pikabu  

2. When you see a veil of ice right before your eyes…

© arthik / pikabu  

3. Two cars – one parking space

© DV123 / pikabu  

4. This dog is wearing a special collar to protect himself from wolves.

© astass / pikabu  

5. When you realize why the baby stopped crying...

© BuzzArt / pikabu  

6. “My wife before going to bed... She’s a little scary!”

© Goodwin24 / pikabu  

7. When you're a fan of Windows and want to show it to everyone!

© mitrillov / pikabu  

8. Learning to drive leaves tracks...the evidence as seen from above a driving school.

© alexmix / pikabu  

9. This morning, the sun was in the shape of a star.

© Afon3000 / pikabu  

10. Bet you’ve probably never seen a cat this color!

© BC3472 / pikabu  

11. Chocolate from Africa!

© 3HAMEHATEJIb / pikabu  

12. When a snowplow gets stuck in the snow...

© sanyapolyrnik231 / pikabu 

13. This is what the underside of a Tesla looks like!

© MyNameIsNotSteve / pikabu