13 photos that prove we all have bad days!

We all have glitches and it's only further down the line that we find them funny or realize they actually made us a better person.

Just so long as no one is hurt, life's fails are part and parcel of our everyday existence, even if they're through no fault of our own. The important thing is to not dwell on them and try to keep moving forward!

So, if you think you're accident-prone or tend to fall on bad luck, have a browse through this selection and be reassured that you're not alone!

1. Want some M&M's?

© andrewhime / Reddit  

2. Thankfully this play area is designed for kids!

© Kshandoo / Imgur  

3. Leave the trip to the park for another day

© devdevo1919 / Reddit  

4. The risk of playing giant Jenga

© Utimatios / Imgur  

5. One in each pocket...

© pepaa / Imgur  

6. A birthday he won't forget in a hurry

© anlyin / Imgur  

7. There used to be a bridge...

© ScaryStoryStuff / Imgur  

8. Sometimes it's just in the details

© verguy / Imgur  

9. About to explode...

© platipress / Reddit

10. When you don't know how to use the panoramic setting!

© 43percentburnt / Reddit  

11. Not often you'll see a tank in an accident

© AmmianusMarcellinus / Reddit  

12. When the enemy attacks

© noahdafurry2018 / Imgur

13. Playing Indiana Jones can be dangerous!

© toupee / Reddit