13 photos that prove some people should never have been trusted with a task!

They may be lovely people, willing to help out or known for being hard-workers, but that doesn't mean they'll always live up to their promises.  Then there are those who like to take others for a ride - the Mr or Ms Know-It-All's who manage to convince us that they're up to doing a task, when really all they want is our hard-earned cash!

Problems arise, however, when their screw ups really mess with our lives and, thanks to social networks, people can now share their experiences in a bid to warn us in advance!

From terrible repairs to marketing or production line fails, we've drawn up a fresh list of astonishing examples...

1. Next time get a pro and not your 'DIY' fanatic friend

© chesteroof/pikabu 

2. Wonder what Wills and Meghan would think of this?

© _youhadonejob1/twitter  

3. So what are we supposed to do?

© thai_sticky/reddit  

4. Superhero fail!

© _youhadonejob1/twitter  

5. "Make it so..."

© _youhadonejob1/twitter 

6. American flag, Chinese production

© TouhouReimu/imgur  

7. When your eggs look like a rabbit on acid...

© bonchinche/pikabu  

8. Leak guaranteed

© darova/pikabu  

9. How to destroy art

© zayce/pikabu  

10. Factory fail

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11. Just turn it upside down...

© zubie/imgur  

12. Never rely on labels!

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13.  Eek!

© Ggurda26/pikabu