13 photos that embody feeling fed up

We all have moments when we're fed up. We get bored by life and become sick of doing the same old daily chores... We just don't care any more, lose motivation and barely want to lift a finger.

That said, when we're feeling lazy, it can sometimes prompt us to come up with genius ways to avoid moving a muscle!

Just check out the following selection of photos, where people have snapped and shared their lack of enthusiasm...

1. When your puppy is too tired to crawl to its basket

© Unknown / Imgur  

2. She was fed up of always having to tell her partner which container contained the sugar

© hairguydave1 / Imgur  

3. They'll park where they like

© jakexter / Imgur  

4. Strange place for a nap

© RangerRicky / Imgur  

5. Because it's THEIR mug

© Reyquasis / Imgur  

6. So tired he put on a glove instead of a sock

© Taken4Granted / Imgur  

7. Stocking up is better than doing a weekly shop

© Unknown / Imgur  

8. Keep your distance

© badgalames / Twitter  

9. Because they can't spend all night by their baby's cot

© Unknown / Imgur  

10. Their neighbor is heading for trouble

© Unknown / Imgur 

11. Filling the gaps

© SkepticalPickle / Imgur  

12. Too tired to hold the can

© ChickHearnsGhost / Imgur  

13. A not-so-tasty sandwich...

© KrustyKrabPizzaBoy / Imgur