13 photos that are not quite what they seem at a first glance

A lot of us wander around without paying the slightest attention to our surroundings... Thankfully there are others who not only see the strange sights that surround us, but also manage to immortalize the moment!

From looking at things from a different angle or taking a photo in exactly the right place at the right time, here's a selection of photos where all is not what it may seem at a first glance!

1. When your co-worker spills a glass of red wine

© VoodooMamaJuuJuu/Imgur  

2. A sitting dog cloud

© keeperofthrones/Reddit  

3. A bird with ridiculously long legs

© captainhowdy27/Reddit  

4. Tools that look like astonished snakes

© ohwhatnowoscar/Reddit 

5. A giant-mouthed sock

© daveboy2000/Imgur  

6. When you can't afford a parrot

© SaphirMeer/Reddit  

7. These kitties look like they've been sewn on!

© Bombingofdresden/Reddit  

8. Watch out - it may look like meat, but it's actually a stone

© Zolotovsky 

9. When an icy car roof looks like a photo of the Earth taken from the ISS

© vmos/Reddit  

10. Spot the rabbit!

© merli/Imgur  

11. A wolf howling at the full moon?

© Sanjayshakya/Imgur  

12. Worried-looking cargo!

© Cybermonk80/Pikabu  

13. Just a toothbrush brushing its teeth

© DHSVlip/Reddit