13 people who had a little glitch mess up their day

Some people seem to be born unlucky, others appear to ask for it and then there are those whose lives seem to run smoothly... Most of the time, life's glitches aren't dangerous or life-threatening, but they can be enough to mess up our day...

Here are 13 people who suffered a glitch that probably made them wish they'd stayed in bed or had a time machine to hand!

1. This guy met Beyoncé but managed to mess up the selfie...

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2. Let's just hope they managed to get down safely!

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3. Who says badminton's not a dangerous sport?  Check out the mark that the shuttlecock made!


4. The Big Apple's stunning skyline

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5. When you find the only free space and later discover why no one wanted to park there

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6. When you fail to stand out from crowd

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7. The day you accidentally skidded into a wall... And beyond

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8. Never, ever leave the table if your pooch is in the kitchen...

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9. The only car to catch fire during a flood...

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10. Oops...Next time use a cutter!

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11. When you're still half asleep as you make your morning coffee

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12. What would you do?  Let it go or scream for the driver?

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13. When you forget the drill

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