13 of the funniest gas station fails

Cars are a popular form of transport, but apart from cleaning and mainteance, they also regularly need filling up with gas.  Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, not for these people, who have clearly failed to grasp the basics! 

Here are 13 people who really need to sign up for a course in 'Gas Station Operating Basics'.

And whilst we're here, do you know what the most common form of transport is? The answer's at the bottom of this list!

1. Some people don't realize how they should pull up to the dispenser, whilst others seem determined to take the dispenser home!

2. Then there are those who forget to put the fuel dispenser back in its slot

3. Some people prefer to hold the dispenser upside down

4. Or think their horse-drawn carriage needs filling up with gas

5. Some people can't be bothered to reverse a couple of feet

6. Whilst others prefer to pee their gas into their car, rather than put it into the fuel tank

7. And yes, sometimes the cops mess up too!

8. There are those who don't realize that gas is flammable

9. And others who can't find the gas cap

10. When two drivers forget which side their fuel cap is on

11. This person didn't realize even after they'd parked up for the day

12. The sign clearly states that the dispenser is out of service...

13. They must have the music on really loud to not hear the noise this would make!

Believe it or not, the most common form of transport in the world is the elevator