13 dietary tips that will revolutionize the way you eat

Obviously we need to eat in order to survive, but how we eat can be just as important as what we eat. Choosing a particular food type, limiting portions if we tend to overeat or just knowing how to prepare a dish can make all the difference!

Here are 13 dietary tips that will revolutionize the way you eat!

1. Eat scrambled eggs for breakfast

Eggs are energy-packed and nutrient-rich. Even if you're in a rush, take the time to scramble a couple of eggs for breakfast. A simple, quick, filling dish that will set you up for a busy day ahead!

2. Avoid temptation

Ever opened a tub of ice-cream only to finish it in a couple of minutes? Limit your portion by horizontally cutting the tub in half! You'll get to enjoy a sweet treat and have leftovers for another day!

3. Do you love citrus fruits but hate peeling them?

Just follow this technique to prepare citrus fruits without getting messy fingers!

4. Eat popcorn with chopsticks!

Do you love popcorn but hate it when your fingers get covered in salty butter or sticky caramel? Then invest in some chopsticks!  The added plus is that you'll also probably eat less - a great technique if you're watching your calorie intake!

5. Keep apple slices fresh

Sprinkling apple slices with lemon juice can stop them from going brown. Alternatively you can place them in a bowl of water and honey - great if you want to sweeten them up a little!

6. Save desk space by using your hoodie rather than a bowl

A great way to eat at your desk without tubs or bowls taking up precious space!

7. Crisp up stale chips

Bake stale chips for 10 minutes at 374°F and they'll be as fresh as the day you opened the packet!

8. If you love cooking in a microwave

If you balance a bowl on an empty mug, you'll be able to fit a second one in the microwave!

9. The right way to eat cupcakes…

Okay, so we all have our preferred technique, but this is the 'official' way to eat cupcakes without spilling any topping!

10. Avoid using bowls when snacking on chips, popcorn, cookies...

Just roll down the packet to get a ready-made bowl!

11. Make healthy ice cream in a matter of minutes!

Lose weight and enjoy a delicious 'nice cream' by putting diced bananas in the freezer for 1 - 2 hours and then blending them with fruit, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter etc. to get a mouth-wateringly creamy treat!

12. Quickly cool drinks by wrapping the bottles in masking tape

Wrap the bottles in masking tape and pop them in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes for an ice-cold refreshing drink!

13. How to open a Hersey’s Kiss!