13 cool creations that geeks among you will love

Are you a geek? Are you crazy about your computer, consoles and anything else related to new technologies? Maybe you're not, but have family members who love their high-tech or friends who frequently staying up late gaming.

Whatever the case, a lot of geeks are also creative geniuses, so we've drawn up a selection of designs and ideas that are guaranteed to end up on their wishlist!

1. One for Nintendo fans!

2. Awesome cosplay

3. Turn a table into a board game

4. We love this XXL idea!

5. The future!

6. A 3D Nintendo "N" bookcase

7. Creative cabling!

8. Give your car a makeover!

9. A true work of art

10. A romantic pokeball

11. Awesomely made!

12. Fish will love this aquarium!

13. Fun and practical!