13 cool concepts and designs that are likely to become indispensable

Each year hundreds of inventions hit the stores, all in the aim of making our lives easier.  Some sell out in minutes, others end up in sale bins or in discount stores... It also goes without saying that some inventors have made millions from their ideas!

In honor of these creative geniuses, here are 13 inventions destined to improve our daily lives and we bet you'll wonder why you never thought of these before!

1. A calculator that helps you add up your purchases before you reach the check-out

© Afrocean/reddit  

2. LED slippers so you can safely walk around at night

© bjexSALT/reddit  

3. Spaghetti packet that includes the dose

© MySweetGurl83/reddit  

4. An alarm clock meets coffee maker!

© barisieur  

5. A chopping board with bread crumb collector!

© Curro Claret  

6. This airport has office cabinets complete with internet connections

© reddit.com  

7. A waist-measuring belt!

© ebay  

8. Traffic lights that feature timers!

© Xited/reddit 

9. A credit card-sized light!

© amazon  

10. The most hygienic toilet in the world

© VampirezKing/imgur  

11. How to stop your kids from raiding spreads!

© thisiswhyimbroke  

12. A gadget that ensures total privacy

© gethushme  

13. A cool idea when trying on clothes

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