13 celebrities who've managed to defy the ageing clock

If there's one thing we can't do (yet!), it's to turn back the clock! The positive side?  We calm down, take things in our stride and try to welcome our wrinkles with open arms. The downside?  Curbing our envy when we come across people who seem to defy the ageing process.  OK, so celebrities are surrounded by lackeys who preen them to perfection, but even so, some seem to have swapped their morning latte for a drink from the Fountain of Youth!

Here are 13 famous faces who seem to get younger with time...

1. Gwen Stefani

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No Doubt's former lead singer is now a mom of 3.  Her smash hit 'Don't Speak' was a global success but be prepared to be shocked - it was released 21 years' ago and Gwen's now 47!

2. Salma Hayek

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Salma hit the Big 50 last year! So where are her wrinkles? 

3. Alyson Hannigan

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We loved her in Buffy when she and Sarah Michelle Gellar put their vampire hunting skills to the test, not to mention her having us in stiches in How I Met Your Mother. So it's a shock to realize she's no spring chicken and turned 43 this year! 

4. Jennifer Aniston

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We really want to know what day cream Jen uses! Her 'Rachel' hairstyle got us running to the nearest salon, but how she's managed to stay so wrinkle-free at 48 remains a mystery! 

5. Jim Parsons

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Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory must have used his scientific skills to build a time machine. Bearing in mind that Sheldon Cooper (Ph.D., Sc.D.) is in his mid-thirties, it's amazing that Parsons is a decade older!

6. Elijah Wood

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The ring clearly left its mark on Elijah Wood. He celebrated his 35th birthday in 2017, but still has the clear skin of a teenager!

7. Halle Berry

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How does she do it? Halle Berry is 51 and looks as fresh- faced as women half her age...

8. Rachel McAdams

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She stole our hearts as a 25 year-old in 2004, when she played the lead in The Notebook.  And she's still stealing our hearts as a fabulous, flawlessly complexioned 38 year-old!

9. Keanu Reeves

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Remember the cute guy from the Bill & Ted movies or the handsome hero in Speed?  Well, he hasn't changed - at 52 Keanu is still one sexy dude!

10. Samuel L. Jackson

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A long-time member of Hollywood's elite, Samuel L. Jackson kept us glued to big screen in Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, The Avengers... Whatever movie he does, his spine-tingling energy is still as strong at 68 as it was all those years' ago!

11. Jared Leto

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Jared is at the top his Hollywood game and still crushes it when performing with Thirty Seconds to Mars. At 44 years old that's no mean feat!

12. Pharrell Williams

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Is Pharrell immortal?  You'd be forgiven for thinking so!  The 'Happy' singer turned 43 in 2017, but doesn't look a day over 25.  Then again, maybe he's hiding some gray hairs under his hat...

13. Jane Fonda

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Iconic actress and fitness queen Jane Fonda admits to being a health freak.  And it's clearly doing her good, as this 78 year-old actress doesn't look that different from her Barbarella days!