12 popular movies that you love (but which are also very frustrating)

Admit it, some movies have frustrated you, because the ending left you with some unanswered questions. Sometimes it's because there are a few major mistakes that made the story or the characters lose some credibility. Or sometimes, directors took great pleasure (whether they meant to or not) in leaving you with some doubts: did you understand how things turned out? Could there be other messages? Is your theory the right one?

Here are 12 films that you love and which were very successful, but they still frustrated you. Warning, this article contains spoilers!

1. Birdman

Most people who have seen this movie will tell you that the main character isn’t totally sane, because despite claiming he is a superhero with supernatural powers, he talks to Birdman, the character from his old movie. But the ending leaves you with some doubt: after he jumps out the window, his daughter looks at him smiling. Suicide doesn’t really seem to be the real end to this film, although things aren’t clear, giving free rein to your imagination!

2. Citizen Kane

This film was immensely popular, not only by the viewing audience, but also by critics. Everything was carefully thought out, the actors’ performances were flawless, and the scenes were shot really well. But the secrets of this film are still hidden. "Rosebud," the last word that the main character utters before dying, remains an enigma. How can anyone know what’s going on when Charles Foster Kane dies all alone at home... Ideas?

3. Back to the Future

The idea of ??the film is already totally unlikely: no one can travel in time! With that said, one thing remains to be clarified: how do Marty McFly’s parents not remember meeting him when they were younger? Because we can’t forget that Marty exists in the future, because he helped his parents meet each other in the past! Do you follow?

4. The Karate Kid

This film follows the rise of a young martial arts enthusiast who ends up meeting his nemesis in a tournament at the end of the movie. Of course, he will be able to beat his rival and become the champion. But did you know that Daniel's blow to his opponent is illegal according to the rules set by the referees throughout the competition? Of course, hits to the face are not tolerated and yet, no one has disqualified the movie’s hero yet...

5. Cast Away

Tom Hanks perfectly plays the FedEx employee who finds himself stuck on a desert island for months. When he is finally saved, he discovers that life has gone on without him, and everything he had before no longer exists, like his wife who has changed her life. So, he decides to deliver the package he has refused to open all those years. But what’s in it? Any ideas?!

6. The Hangover

The four main characters have been friends forever and go to Las Vegas to celebrate the bachelor party of one of them. But they experience the most horrible adventure of their entire lives! When they wake up, they realize that the groom has disappeared. It took them two days to finally go back to where it all had started: the roof of the hotel where they find their friend. But wait ... That would mean that he was stuck on this roof in the middle of the Las Vegas desert for two days, without water or food? Strange, isn’t it?

7. The Sixth Sense

This story made even the strongest peoples’ hearts pound! The plot is simply incredible! It turns out that Dr. Crowe, played by Bruce Willis, has actually been dead since the beginning of the film, but he doesn’t know it. With that said, how is it that he doesn’t realize that no one talks to him about his day or even acts strangely towards him? This question is worth asking, isn’t it?

8. Groundhog Day

The main character is a slightly jaded weatherman. He was sent to cover a special event in Pennsylvania that takes place on Groundhog Day. He was reluctant, because he absolutely didn’t want to be there for the event. And here’s the tragedy: he experiences the same day over and over. That said, no one knows why, and especially, how is he the only one to realize it?!  

9. Pulp Fiction

Yes, even this masterpiece is frustrating! You have to admit that a small part of you still doesn’t understand why the contents of the famous briefcase are never revealed! Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (played respectively by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson) have given themselves body and soul, risking their lives to bring this mysterious briefcase to their boss, but we will never know what it contains! The golden reflections we see let us imagine that it’s gold, but this is only an assumption...

10. The Dark Knight

Surely this one hasn’t gotten away from you... Throughout the film, the Joker tells where his scars come from. But his story is never really the same each time he tells it! Does he do this on purpose? Do you have an opinion on the topic? 

11. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton is a genius in strange movies. And Johnny Depp always plays the roles given to him with perfection. Edward is a tortured character, but he’s also very sensitive. His stress relief is none other than the ice sculpture he created in his attic. But has anyone ever wondered about where the ice came from and, more importantly, how did he get those blocks in his attic?

12. Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino is a master of the perfect plot, perhaps even without trying. The film itself is not very frustrating, but the title sure is! In fact, the Italian film to which he refers and pays homage, is called Inglorious Bastards (1978). In other words, in Tarentino’s title, there is an extra "U" and an "E"! The question of this double misspelling, pun, error, whatever it may be (call it what you want), has been asked of Tarantino in interviews. He prefers to keep all the mystery about this famous name, replying that he would never explain this mystery... And that’s that!