12 photos that define the word diversity

It's a huge world out there and it's full of weird and wonderful things. We may like to think that normality rules, but the truth is quite the opposite! In many ways this is good thing, as it keeps us interested and prevents boredom from setting in. Its wealth lies in our melting pot of cultures, customs, differences between each generation...

Our world will never cease to surprise us and we can start with the people around us. It may be the way they behave, dress, talk... The list is endless! And it's this eccentricity that brightens up our day - just check out the following snaps that are guaranteed to put a smile back on your face!

1. Jean-less jeans!

© armblog  

2. When you lose a bet at work!

© Z06Boricua / imgur  

3. When your neighbor loves all things Egyptian

© Charlar / pikabu  

4. Recycled jeans!

© ilyoz / pikabu  

5. DIY Transformer!

© MexicanMacgyver / imgur  

6. Yes, geese love to dress in fine clothes!

© vuizy / imgur  

7. Who doesn't like a beer festival?

© monkeyboomstick / imgur

8. Like master, like dog!

© unknown author / imgur 

9. The pope's got himself a new car...

© unknown author / imgur 

10. A very colorful car wash

© Cheezdealer / imgur  

11. Because safety comes first

© Kirillko312 / pikabu  

12. How to not peddle to school!

© ARussianAndHisBike / imgur