12 people with fascinating and unusual body features

We're all physically unique, but some of us have truly incredible body features, whether from birth or because we love transforming ourselves to suit our tastes. From Guinness World Record holders to those who are frequently invited onto TV shows, the following is a hand-picked selection of people who really do stand out from the crowd!

Here are 12 people who have fascinating and unusual body features and are proud to show them off!

1. The man with the longest tongue in the world

American Nick Stoeberl holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue in the world. In 2012 he won four prizes thanks to his tongue, which measures 3.97 inches from its tip to the middle of the closed top lip.

What's more Nick uses his tongue as a paint brush and won a record for tongue-painting the portrait of a badger in only 6 hours! Just make sure you don't share an ice cream with him... One lick and it'll be gone! 

2. The unicorn woman

One day a Chinese lady from Sichuan called Liang Xiuzhen noticed a mole on her forehead. It kept growing and growing until it was a horn-shape point that measured around 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Doctors were baffled about how to treat it, but scientists did come up with an explanation. Apparently it's a cutaneous horn that, as with cysts, can form over greasy skin. Treatments include radiotherapy, surgery or chemotherapy, although why this lady in particular had such a pronounced growth has never been explained.

3. The women with most tattoos in the world

Meet Julia Gnuse, an American woman who was also nicknamed 'The Illustrated Lady', thanks to the tattoos that covered 95% of her body. Born in 1955, Julia developed porphyria in her 30's, which left her body covered in sores and blisters.  She decided to cover her scars with tattoos, but eventually got inked from tip to toe. Sadly, she passed away in 2016, but not before she went down in history as the woman with the most tattoos in the world.

4. A guy with a VERY big mouth

No Photoshop here... This is Francisco Domingo Joaquim and his 'Jaw of Awe', which is a staggering 7 inches wide - useful if you want to eat a burger in one bite!

Francisco's 'elasticated' mouth earnt him a Guinness World Record and, rather than being a handicap, has elevated him to celebrity status!

5. The girl with X-ray eyes

Natalya 'Natasha' Nikolayevna Demkina can apparently see people's skeletons. With her X-ray vision, this young Russian lady convinced scientists when she started to diagnose conditions that could only be gleaned by medical examinations and apparently she's been using this ability since the tender age of 10!

She currently works for the Center of Special Diagnostics, has also appeared on the Discovery Channel and often works with complementary therapists and medical experts who are interested in her unusual gift.

6. The Monkey Man

Chinese Yu Shenhuan became the hairiest man in the world with 96% of his body covered in body hair.  Rather than see this as detrimental, he used his unusual appearance to boost his career as a rock singer.

However, despite his 41 hairs per square centimeter he may well lose his 'hairy crown', as 2 Mexicans have since claimed they have even more body hair...

7. The wasp-waisted woman

This young German lady wore a corset non-stop for 3 years in her quest for a wasp-like waist. Michele Koebke always wanted the smallest waist in the world and her efforts paid off when she managed to shrink her waistline from 25 to 16 inches!

However, despite her ultra-hour glass figure, wearing a corset for so long caused muscle wastage, meaning she can't hold up her torso without some sort of support...

8. The heat-resistant man

We all know how much burns can hurt, but street food chef Ram Babu from Uttar Pradesh in India is an exception to the rule. This guy can plunge his bare hands into frying oil that's over 370°F and doesn't feel a thing if he sticks them into a blazing fire or touches a hot poker!

He uses his bare hands as utensils when frying food and has mystified numerous doctors over the years. How did he discover his unusual ability? One day he was overwhelmed by the number of customers who ordered his parathas and instead of using utensils decided to dip his hands into the mixture... 

9. The longest moustache in the world 

Ram Singh Chauhan is an Indian man with the longest moustache in the world! At roughly 14 feet long, he's often invited onto TV shows, notably in Rome, Italy when he starred in 'Lo Show dei Record' in March 2010. It was thanks to this appearance that his facial hair gained him international notoriety.

10. The smallest man since records began

Chandra Dangi is no longer alive, but his legend lives on. As the smallest man since records began, this Nepalese man was told that he wouldn't live for long due to his pronounced dwarfism.  Luckily for him, he lived to the ripe old age of 75!

As an adult, Chandra was 1.79 feet tall, weighed 68 pounds and apparently lived a long, healthy life, much to the surprise of the scientific community!

11. The tallest man in the world

The tallest man on record is Robert Wadlow, who died in 1940 and measured a lofty 8.92 feet tall. Currently the tallest man alive is Sultan Kösen, a Turkish man who passes the 8ft mark.

Unusually tall people offer suffer from growth hormone problems, which explains why they tend to have a shorter life span.

12. The longest legs in the world

American model Holly Burt's legs measure a whopping 49.5 inches, which contribute to her 6.4ft height. Frequently bullied at school for her height, this model had the last laugh when she started to land some very well-paid modelling contracts!

Another leggy model is Californian Chase Kennedy (above) who pipped Holly to the post with her 51 inch pins! At 6ft 4in, she was also teased at school, although this only made her more determined to not only model, but also to train up as an event coordinator for a brewery.