12 people and animals that like to do things their own way

In life, there are "certain" ways to behave and most of us try to respect the rules. For example, we don't go to work in our pajamas and we try to respect others' safety. But the world still has its so-called "nonconformists". These are people who prefer to do things their own way rather than follow society's unspoken "rules". Sometimes it can be a sign of intelligence, while other times it could just mean someone's totally crazy...

Here are 12 photos that show it can be good to be different - but not all the time!

1. Would you dare get into this pool…?

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2. When someone likes a challenge…

© DieterAwesome  

3. Using your commute to work to hold an important meeting

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4. Because it's easier than moving the armchair closer

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5. Who said ponds have to be big?

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6. Keep your distance!

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7. Cats make great pen holders

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8. Someone has an "artistic" side

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9. When you give up on creating a new sidewalk

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10. Must be stored in a dry space

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11. Competing for a post

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12. The latest generation of drains

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