12 hilarious pranks to play on your mom and dad

Parenting is serious business... telling off unruly kids, punishments for bad behavior, mom screaming at you because you crawled in at silly o'clock.  And there's the famous 'when I was your age' shutdown. Which is why we sometimes need them to see the lighter side of life!

Here are 12 easy pranks to test if your mom and dad still have a sense of humor!

1. Replace family photos with pictures of complete strangers

Get creative and use celebrities, psychopaths, animals... Swap them for family portraits, dot them around the house and see how long it takes for your parents to notice!

2. Fake tattoos

This one's great for parents who've forbidden you from getting inked!  Once they've screamed at you and made a panic call to a dermatologist, go to the bathroom and wash it off!

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3. Tell them you're going to have a baby

OK, so don't do this if your mom or dad has a weak heart!  If you want to spice things up, do it by text and watch them descend into autocorrect Hell. And then run for cover...

4. Replace their cigarettes with something else (make sure it's legal!)

'Play' the parent by telling your mom and dad that smoking's bad for their health. 

5. Hide something in their dessert

Sneak something into their dessert... Just make sure it's not poisonous!  If they have a home office, see below for inspiration!

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6. Enjoy some interior gardening

Put a big hemp plant in your parent's bedroom.  Hemp looks identical to weed, but won't get anyone wasted.  This one's perfect for anyone who has a cop for a parent!

7. Put your photo in a jar

Put a selfie in a jar and fill it with water.  Put it in the fridge next to the peanut butter and jelly!

8. Send a joke text message

For example: "I can get you 2 grams for $40."  Wait a minute and then send "Sorry, my bad - that message was meant for someone else.  What time's dinner?"

9. Give your mom a pasta necklace

Because moms miss the days when you came home from pre-school with pasta necklaces...

10. Get creepy

Use this snap for inspiration. Put your clothes on the other way round (shorts on head, T-shirt on your legs), hold a mannequin's head between your legs and wait for the screams to begin!  

11. Russian roulette, drink style

This could get you grounded... Put laxatives in some drinks and tell your parents it's Russian Roulette time.  Just don't be surprised if they get their revenge next time you sit down to eat!

12. Tell them you forgot your little brother or sister at the mall

Get your kid brother or sister to hide and put on a worried face.  But don't drag it out for too long - this is a parent's worst nightmare and you don't want the cops to be called out!