12 funny photos posted by women to shame their partners

We may live as part of a couple, but that doesn't mean it's plain sailing! We have our own personalities, habits, preferences and lifestyles, which means sometimes things can go belly up.

We may be generally on the same wavelength, but how many times have we gritted our teeth because our partner refuses to change their ways... They just carry on driving us crazy, even though we continue to love them to bits. So, if your partner has driven you up the wall, rest assured you're not alone - just check out the following selection... It'll make you feel better!

1. When your wife asks you to do the washing up in one go

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2. Her husband's skincare vanity case ready for their vacation

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3. She asked her husband to pick up some balloons for their son's birthday... Their son was turning 8!

© EricBlueMonster / twitter 

4. The day she asked her husband to buy her some hair grips

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5. Her husband's been looking for his keys for over an hour

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6. He asked how she wanted the pizza to be cut... She only said "circles" as a joke

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7. When you ask your husband to dry the dishes

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8. He didn't believe her make-up wedges weren't candy, so ate one just to check!

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9. Guess which side of the bed...

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10. When you ask your husband to pick up some some Ajax and you receive this...

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11. Because his socks could be put into either one?

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12. How her husband stores food in the fridge...

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