11 tattoos that helped people feel more comfortable in their skin

Scars, deformities, loss of a limb... In a world where people seem overly obsessed with perfection, it can sometimes be hard for us to accept or love our bodies. Which is why tattoos are such a great way to help us overcome our insecurities and become body positive! Throw in a bit of humor and you'll be soon be on the mend and proud to show off personalized work of art!

Here are 11 awesome and funny tattoos that helped these people feel more comfortable in their own skin!

1. People were always telling him his feet looked like octopus tentacles!

2. She didn't like her calves so decided to turn them into follow the number games! 

3. We love this idea!

4. Another awesome use of humor!

5. How to show off your unusual toes

6. Oops…!

7. Never lose your biro again!

8. One small step for mankind...

9. "This little piggy..."

10. A long, deep scar becomes a stunning floral tattoo

11. Excellent use of morphology!