11 photos that make no sense at all!

We all use our logic... Good common sense helps to get us through life and is second nature when we analyze what's in front of our eyes. At least that's what we thought until we realized that some people have a logic of their own...

Just check out the following 17 photos of situations that make no sense at all... Proof that some behavior is so disturbing, we wonder if the person has had too many beers - unless of course they love playing a good prank and messing with our brains!

1. And they wondered why their phone didn't charge

© strppngynglad/reddit  

2. In a bathroom?

© HottieFox/pikabu  

3. Seriously?

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4. Multiple points of view

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5. "Lift out of order. It will be repaired when it is repaired..."

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6. What if you didn't have much choice? Would you use this toilet?

© pokladovs/pikabu

7. Whaaaat? Why???

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8. You have been warned!

 "Warning, don't climb over. Either lean against or push open the barrier. If you fall in, the animals might bite you and get sick! Thank you!"

© Nizhniy Novgorod | News NN.RU  

9. Don't they realize this TV's equipped with a wall mount?

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10. Seriously, whoever put this here had too many beers at lunch

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11. Attach the lid so you don't lose your pen...

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