11 people who used humor to help them deal with a hurricane

Over recent years, the US has seen an increase in the number and force of hurricanes that hit its shores. People who live by coasts are now routinely evacuated, but some don't want to leave their homes and prefer to face hurricanes head-on. And to get through such a terrifying ordeal, many of them resort to using humor!

Here are 11 photos taken by hurricane victims, which show how trying to be positive helped them deal with the wrath of Mother Nature.

1. Hurricanes can sometimes be very generous

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2. One for Instagram

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3. Get your priorities straight

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4. At least they've kept the public informed

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5. Curl up with your dog and sit it out

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6. Help yourself...

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7. How long would this last?


8. Food is essential, but not when it comes to certain recipes


9. How to survive an incoming storm

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10. When the wind blows a wiper off

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11. A great real estate opportunity

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