11 hilarious photos of athletes

It has been said that one’s true personality is revealed in two situations: when driving and playing sports. And in sports, it’s sometimes hard to control your body and facial expressions, as well as your emotions. This is why athletes sometimes make funny faces or put themselves in some incredible positions while in action.

Here are 11 sports photographs that captured funny faces at just the right time!

1. At first sight, there’s not anything very funny here, but if you look again, it is easy to compare these soccer players to single ladies fighting for position to catch the bouquet at a wedding!

© batona.net  

2. Looks like Fabien Barthez’s prayer has been heard! The heavens seem to have sent him a ball! 

© batona.net  

3. This picture is most likely photoshopped, but this kind of incident happens quite often!

© Imgrum  

4. When fans send subliminal messages to their family during a game (making viewers laugh)

© saintreborn/Imgur  

5. “Oh no! Help! It's a basketball!” 

© piss_up_a_rope/reddit  

6. This is what happens when you're not careful where you put your feet!

© batona.net  

7. “Very nice ladies! Now, put the towel on the towel rack!”

© Imgur  

8. This photo really gives me a headache, because it looks so much like a bag of knots!

© Imgur  

9. “It's ok! I’ll hold you!” 

© severlasalreves-palindromos.blogspot.ru  

10. This picture is worth a lot... Really, really, a LOT! 

© batona.net  

11. We don’t know about you, but we’re in a lot of pain just looking at this picture!

© Willbear/Imgur  

Photo credits: Imgur, saintreborn/Imgur