11 fans who ended up marrying their celebrity crush

Most of us would love to meet, let alone marry, our celebrity crush... We're used to seeing famous faces doing their red carpet stuff, but the likelihood of bumping into or getting to know them is, for most of us, a distant dream! And yet you may well be surprised at the number of 'ordinary' people who met their celebrity crush only to subsequently walk down the aisle and settle down to a happily married life.

Here are 11 celebrity/fan hook-ups that prove true love conquers all, even if being with a famous person must put an enormous pressure on their daily lives; being suddenly thrust into the limelight can't be easy when it comes to going about their private business. What about you?  Which celebrity would you like to meet the most and would you be able to overcome your nerves enough to suggest a date (or more...)? Share your comments with us below!

1. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren


Cash Warren met the actress when she was filming Fantastic Four in 2005. He was a production assistant and although it's no secret that Alba didn't enjoy making the movie, it didn't stop the pair falling madly in love. They got married 4 years' later and are now parent to 3 kids!

2. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder


Danny Moder met Julia Roberts on set whilst filming The Mexican in 2000. His marriage was falling apart and the 'pretty woman' quickly became the apple of his eye.  Four years' later, once his divorce was finalized, the pair got married in New Mexico and today they're the proud parents of Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry.

3. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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Before Dawson's Creek shot her to fame, Katie Holmes was already a huge Cruise fan. One of her former Catholic school classmates even claimed the actress had a secret collection of Tom Cruise photos! By 2006 she'd managed to meet and marry her idol before giving birth to her daughter, Suri. Sadly their marital bliss didn't last and 6 years' later, in 2012, they divorced with Holmes citing Cruise's involvement with Scientology being a major factor in the break-up of their marriage.

4. Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

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Nicolas met waitress Alice in 2004 when he visited the restaurant for which she worked. It was love at first sight and they eventually tied the knot.  However, it was not to be a match made in Heaven as in 2016, after 12 years' of marriage, they decided to go their separate ways.

5. Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink


Patrick met his No.1 fan and future wife when he popped into the hair salon where she worked. They wed in 1999, with Jillian becoming not only his 'in-house' hairdresser, but also his stylist! 

6. Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler


It was largely thanks to her friend Rob Schneider that Jackie got cast in 1999's Big Daddy, playing alongside her celebrity crush Adam Sandler. Their romance began during filming and they married in 2003. Jackie converted to Judaism and they've since had two girls, Sandy and Sunny.

7. John Travolta and Kelly Preston

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Both John Travolta and Kelly Preston were well-known when they met, but the actress had already announced that one day or another she would marry him - a declaration that came true and, despite their ups and downs, they've been married since 1991.

8. Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman

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Ann's No.1 fan, Adam Shulman, met the actress at the Palm Springs Film Festival during an organized meet-up. She quickly fell for his charm and the couple wed in 2012.

9. Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso


Luciana Barroso was working in a Miami bar when, in 2003, Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon dropped by for a drink during break from filming Stuck On You. Another love-at-first-sight tale that led to their marriage in 2005!

10. Ruben Studdard and Surata Zuri McCants

The singer won the hearts of many a woman, but it was fan Surata Zuri who won the jackpot after meeting her crush at record signing session. Studdard was immediately smitten and even followed Surata around the store.  They married in 2008, but sadly, after 3 years' of wedded bliss, things went downhill and they ended up divorcing in 2011. 

11. Jake T. Austin and Danielle Caesar

Danielle began her quest to snare Jake on Twitter and she didn't mince her words. She brazenly told Jake she wanted to marry him, with the result that he began, much to her surprise, to follow her on Instagram. They eventually met in 2011 and we're now hoping they'll take the next step and tie the knot... The rumor mill is in full swing, so watch this space!