11 electronic gadgets that will revolutionize your way of life

The cell phone has been an incredible invention, just like computers. But today, engineers are taking it even further, for example with the “connected home.” Nothing seems to get in the way of their creativity, so much that they have begun to create some rather incredible projects: it seems that robots are the next thing households will have, as well as devices that can make people "bionic"...

Whether or not new technological advances frighten you, they do not intend to make you abandon your daily life...they might just monopolize it. Here are 11 unbelievable inventions that will probably make their way into your life sooner or later.

In the end, we don’t know if these inventions should scare us or make us excited. At any rate, there’s a good chance that they will be in our homes and on our streets very soon!

1. SpotMini - the family pet with less responsibility

© Boston Dynamics  

"Spot" is the name of this little four-legged robot. It is able to climb stairs, walk next to you, and pick up and handle objects. While it doesn’t have all the characteristics of a real dog, it doesn’t shed or need any particular care, and there’s the advantage of not having to take it out to go potty. According to its inventors, it is an excellent compromise for people who are allergic to pet dander or for anyone who likes to keep their house clean, while making the kids happy.

2. ORII - the smart ring that will replace your phone

© ORii  

Thanks to ORII, you won’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to make a call or send a text anymore: all this will be done with your finger! To do it, just tap your finger on your ear and that's it!

3. Bakblade – a shaver for your back

© Bakblade  

Many men have hair on their backs and it can be very difficult to remove hair from this part of the body on your own. Bakblade has been created to solve this problem. No pain and perfect handling: you won’t need anyone to get rid of hair on your back anymore!

4. Sgnl - make phone calls with your fingers

© Innomdle Lab  

A little like the idea of ORII, Sgnl isn’t a ring, but a smart bracelet. With it, you’ll be able to make calls simply with your fingers. This bracelet can be attached to any watch or is worn by itself. Simply connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and voila!

 5. Muzo - isolate yourself from surrounding noise

© Celestial Tribe  

Daily life is always noisy. To such an extent that it is sometimes difficult to meet up with someone, concentrate, or even rest. Muzo allows you to isolate yourself from the noise while being in the presence of others. In fact, thanks to an acoustic, anti-vibration principle, you’ll be in a silent bubble right in the middle of the hustle and bustle!

The idea is simple: the device generates dynamic sounds by canceling vibrations. These silent sounds take over the surrounding noises by smothering them. In the same way, this little bubble also protects you from eavesdroppers! Whatever you say inside the Muzo bubble will stay just between you!

6. Nora - the anti-snoring solution

© amazon.com  


This device will finally allow couples to get along! It works very easily. Just place the insert under your pillow and the little decorative "pebble" near your bed. While you sleep, with every little snore, the insert will slightly move your head but won’t wake you up, changing your position to put a halt to the snoring. This goes on all night if needed! Your partner will be happy and finally get a good night’s sleep!

7. Scribble - a pen that captures and mimics colors

© Scribble  


Scribble is a magic pen that captures all the colors you want to reproduce in your drawings! And it does this in less than 2 seconds! The developers of the device use an ink with advanced technology: it never fades or blurs. The pen can be placed on any surface (paper, clothes, food, walls, etc.) and will capture the desired color so you can put it on paper.

8. JUNO – an intelligent makeup mirror

© Mira Torres  

Women will be happy with this one! This 4-in-1 mirror has many secrets. It seems rather simple, but in fact, it has 4 essential functions. In fact, it’s not only a makeup mirror, but also a reading lamp and provides the perfect lighting for selfies. But that's not all, it also has a storage tray. 

9. ili - a wearable translator

© Logbar Inc.  

Say goodbye to language barriers! Ili lets you translate all the most common phrases in less than a second! The best thing is that it was designed for world travelers and you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to make it work!

10. Noonee - sit anywhere!

© Noonee  

This device was designed using the idea of exoskeletons. It is attached to a person’s legs without altering his movements. Then, to sit down, you just have to bend your knees to the desired level and Noonee will support you! It’s perfect for public transportation, the streets, crowded waiting rooms, etc.!

11. Zungle - smart glasses

© Zungle Inc.  

What do you see when you look at this picture? Like everyone else, you’d probably say "glasses." And of course, you’d be right. Except that these sunglasses are so much more... They also have bone conduction speakers, allowing you to answer phone calls without having to take your phone out. The sound waves are transmitted right to your skull through vibrations!