10 super-sneaky ATM scams that you're unlikely to notice

We all use ATM machines - they're a quick way to get cash in a flash.

Plus you can transfer money, check your balance... Which makes them the perfect target for scammers. One of the reasons fewer people are being mugged when they use ATMs is because scammers are getting sneakier by the minute and installing state of the art technology!

Scammers are creative and 9 times out of 10 we'd never know that someone is about to clear out our account.  An ATM may look normal, but that doesn't mean your money is safe. From cameras to fake keypads, system hacks and concealed devices, scammers will get your bank details and money without you noticing a thing.

The real problem is that it's almost impossible to see if an ATM has been toyed with - even if you keep your eyes peeled.  You can reduce the risk by only using indoor ATMs at banks and covering your PIN to hide it from cameras.  If you think you've been scammed, call your bank immediately and cancel your card ASAP!

To help you sniff out tampered machines, here are 10 of the most common super-sneaky ATM scams

1. Wiggling the ATM is not enough if they've installed an entire fake cover 

2. Always wiggle the card reader 

3. Check that the audio jack is properly aligned

4. Check for hidden cameras 

5. Make sure there's no box above the screen - these contain SD cards that can register your details

6. Check for any cracks, particularly under the receipt slot

7. Fake keypads and card readers

8. Make sure the card slot isn't sticking out

9. Check for panels above the keypad so that your PIN isn't stolen

10. Always check the ATM first - a panel under the screen, an uneven keypad etc. are signs of a scam at work

If in doubt, go to the bank teller to withdraw money from your account.