10 social media photo trends that are taking the internet by storm

Since smartphones hit the stores, we've all started uploading our favorite snaps to our social networks and many an amateur photographer has found fame and fortune as a result! And the more imaginative the photo, the better if you want to increase your number of followers.

Here are 10 social media photo trends that are currently doing the rounds

1. Matching your clothes with your surroundings

Whether it happens accidentally or you set out to match your surroundings, the idea is that your outfit/garment perfectly blends into the background.  If you manage to get a good shot or selfie and want to post it on Instagram, use the #whenpeoplematchplaces hashtag to increase your visibility.

2. Crazy shoes

Women in particular love showing off their latest pair of fabulous shoes, but this takes things one step further... Whacky shoes are all the rage when it comes to social media and men are joining in too - just check out the #wheelconcept hashtag to see some completely crazy 'designs'.

3. The power of make-up

Nowadays we can all master the 'red carpet' look and for a while beauty bloggers have been teaching us how to contour, strobe, glow up and keep our complexions youthfully dewy. Consequently, social networks are rife with before/after photos to show just how much make-up can make a difference. Tap in the hashtag #thepowerofmakeup to see trend-setting techniques.

4. The 'shelfie' is the new 'selfie'

An easy concept that's gone viral... Just decorate your shelves, bookcases etc. and snap away if this home deco trend appeals!

5. Real life instead of fantasy

Social networks have always promoted 'perfection' - stunning landscapes, stylish outfits, to die for cakes etc. Recently, however, social network users have begun to share images that represent the reality of the world we live in. Food fails, untidy rooms, drab surroundings and more can be found and posted with the hashtag #totalhonestytuesday.

6. Divorce selfies

Getting divorced is not the end of the world and lots of couples are celebrating their new-found freedom by posting selfies once they've signed the papers...

7. Working out with your dog

A while back sports fans started using their kids as weights and dog-lovers have now jumped on the bandwagon, with squats being a thigh-toning favorite! Upload your photos with the hashtag #squatyourdog.

8. Sparkly beards

Bearded men have recently started decorating their facial hair - baubles at Christmas or a good dose of sparkles at other times of the year!  Fancy showing off your newly-decorated beard?  Just use the hashtag #glitterbeard!

9. Mid-air dives

The hashtag #leisuredive was started by a Harvard student. The idea is to strike a super-relaxed pose and dive into a pool.  Not an easy task, as you have to hold your position and the photographer has to snap you at exactly the right moment.

10. Make-up transformations

Check out #makeuptransformations if you want a good belly laugh!  Men are transforming themselves into celebrities in the same way that women have been glued to make-up tutorials so they can mimic their favorite stars' looks. These makeovers are not just funny, but really well done!